Apprenticeships at Müller Formenbau

Apprenticeships play an important role at our company.

For skilled young people who have a technical interest, an apprenticeship in die-cast engineering at Müller Formenbau in Niederdieten and Müller Formtechnik in Lichte offers an ideal path to a successful career. Our apprentices support the various stages of the production process, where they have the opportunity to learn each functional area through practical experience, thereby developing a valuable, extensive expertise as it applies to their future career. Taking into account the interests of the individual apprentice, it is possible to specialize in a technical area during the training program.

The Müller Company emphasizes the importance of long-term cooperation after completing the apprenticeship program, and offers excellent development and promotion opportunities. A key principle in the Müller philosophy is that our apprentices join the company provided they clearly recognize their suitability for this vocation and have developed their skills accordingly over the course of their training.

The idea behind this is simple: Our apprentices are given the opportunity to gain extensive expertise as it relates to the trade and to the detailed workings of the company. Having this knowledge, what could be better than continuing the relationship with Müller and becoming a regular employee, thus benefiting from the specialized training gained and tailored to the needs of the Müller Company?

Opportunities for Müller students:

Students have the opportunity to get to know Müller GmbH Formenbau over the course of an internship. We also offer the option, in cooperation with the “StudiumPlus” study program, for continuing vocational training.

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Die-cast engineer specializing in mold technology (m/f)

You can contact us at:

Müller GmbH Formenbau Am Mühlgraben 2 35236 Breidenbach-Niederdieten Germany

Telephone +49 6465 9282-0 Fax +49 6465 9282-92 Email Web