Job vacancies

What we offer

The people in our company are the very foundation of our success. We offer rewarding job opportunities with interesting development prospects. We understand that we can only be successful with committed, motivated employees who enjoy working at Müller. Focusing on personnel development is, therefore, at the core of our company’s goals.

Moreover, quick decision channels, fair and attentive leadership, as well as a code of conduct based on respect and collegiality are what set us apart as a company. All of this ensures a positive working environment across all departments.

What we expect

We look for outstanding dedication, strong initiative, and the greatest possible customer focus in our employees.

We consider transparency, open communication, as well as respect toward one another to be essential for a cohesive and cooperative work environment.

Please send your application to:

Müller GmbH Formenbau Am Mühlgraben 2 35236 Breidenbach-Niederdieten Germany

Telephone +49 6465 9282-0 Fax +49 6465 9282-92 Email Web