Data privacy

Wherever possible, the use of the website offering of “Müller GmbH Formenbau” is always possible without the need to enter personal data.

Other data collection

Additional personal data are only collected if you disclose them voluntarily, such as in the form of a query. Where you have provided us personal data, “Müller GmbH Formenbau” shall only use the data to answer your queries, execute contracts concluded with you, and for technical administration.

According to the terms of the Federal Data Protection Act, every user of the “Müller GmbH Formenbau” website has the right to request information regarding which data are stored about the user and for what purpose the data are stored. It is also possible to request the correction of incorrect data or the deletion of data whose storage is impermissible or no longer necessary. “Müller GmbH Formenbau” shall provide information regarding the stored data on written request.

By taking technical and organizational measures, “Müller GmbH Formenbau” makes every effort to store your personal data such that the data are inaccessible to third parties. Complete data security cannot be guaranteed in email communication and, therefore, we recommend you send confidential information by postal mail.